Editorial colors | Pack of 12 Presets
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Photography for me is an opportunity to show the world as I see it. It is impossible, being an inquisitive person and in love with people and their uniqueness, not to change your view and vision in photography. So I've been changing and experimenting for as long as I can remember.

This pack was created bit by bit in the personal transition period into a more mature picture. It is inspired by the fashion world, the expensive color of prints and, of course, film aesthetics. Tired of the color that changes the original image by almost 180 degrees, I was looking for the color that would give the raw card volume and the author's vision, emphasize the composition, but at the same time the end result would be clean, expensive, relevant, without distortions.

There are no flirting with super-toning in the pack. All presets can be described in this way: clean, actual, magazine, minimalistic.

But you can play with the presets and twist them to suit yourself and your taste endlessly: somewhere weaken or strengthen the grain, somewhere you can fail the shadows more strongly, if you need to, change the exposure for a specific frame. They are very flexible and adaptable to your source.
If I had these colors and settings at the very beginning of the search for that very color that leaves the picture as if untouched, with a beautiful skin tone and perfect bw, my path to the frame that I see in my head would be much faster. But then he is the way!

I share with you this wonderful tool, friends, and I wish you many experiments and a real buzz from creativity.
cold brew
editorial black white
portra color
best base
vogue black white
cozy vintage
only for night
pure skin tone
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2 990
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What devices can I use presets on?
Presets work both on a computer in the Adobe Lightroom program and on smartphones in the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom.
How to set presets?
Detailed installation instruction will be sent to you by e-mail along with presets after payment. Installation is very simple and anyone can handle it!
How long will it take to get presets?
Presets will be sent to your email within 5 minutes after payment.
Can I order presets while not being in Russia?
When paying select the option "Payment via PayPal" – then you can pay for presets from any debit/credit card.
What should I do if the letter with presets has not arrived after payment?
Check your spam folder. If there is no letter there, write to our mail – support@burimova.ru